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We advice in all legal aspects (within our lawfirm (Kanzlei).
Two decades as a Professional Basketball Player give us the profound knowledge on all levels and phases that a player goes through.
To us at Lumani it is of utmost importance to give advice to the player that helps him not only short-term but to become the player and person he can be on and off the court.


The players go through many phases year by year. Starting in Preseason, first exhibition games, relationships to other players and the Coaches are formed, behaviour off the court and after its all said and done the period not knowing where the career continues and what the next contract will look like.
From my experience knowing all these phases helps tremendously to lead my clients through these very different times.


The best incentive for being motivated and successful in your job is Passion.
Basketball is besides my family and friends the best thing that happened to me in my life. Today it reminds me of the feeling I had as a player in a „huddle“ when talking to a client about on or off court stuff. This team feeling is what I enjoy most in my profession.




22.03.1973 born in Münster/Wstf, Germany
1992 Abitur (Highschool Diploma) Schillergymnasium Münster
1992/93 Dortmund (1.Bundesliga)
1993/94 Herten (2. Bundesliga),  Bundeswehr Sportkompanie Warendorf
1994/98 Telekom Bonn (Aufsteiger in die 1. Bundesliga, Vizemeister ’98), Beginn Jurastudium in Köln
1998/99 TSV Quakenbrück (2.Bundesliga)
1999/2002 TSK Bamberg (1.Bundesliga)
2002/03 EnBW Ludwigsburg (1.Bundesliga)
2003/09 Artland Dragons (1.Bundesliga – Pokalsieger, Vizemeister)
2009/10 Osnabrück (2. Bundesliga)
2011 2. Staatsexamen – Rechtsanwalt in der Kanzlei Schmidt, Rüsing und Partner in Münster, Spielerberater

The goal is to prepare the player for all tasks that he will face on and off the court.

The contract itself is of course one of the main subjects an agent deals with.

Being a lawyer it is my day to day business to deal with contracts and negotiate them. A focus of mine is to explain to the player what clauses in the contract mean, so he understands in total what he is signing.

Another part on a day to day basis is the game itself. Since I have playing on a high level myself for a long time enables me to understand what my client is going through good or bad and to give advice accordingly.

Lastly there is off the court stuff that needs to be handled. It could be of private, legal or medical nature. Quick solutions are of immense importance in the world of sports. The quicker the player is back at 100%, the better for his performance and career.