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Contract negotiations

The contract negotiations will be executed by me being a lawyer.

It goes without saying that contract negotiations should be done by an expert. With a complicated fracture you also consult a doctor.

The contracts are of extreme significance for a professional athlete. The career is relative to other professions rather short.

So it makes a lot of sense to have someone with a profound background handle the process.

BBL- European and NBA network

Lumani is located in Münster/Germany and the main field of transfers is in the BBL. However there are many Lumani players spread out all over Europe and even the NBA.

From ACB in Spain, ProA France, Turkey and Israel all the way to Cyprus and Rumania Lumani players are scoring and rebounding while and earning their well deserved pay-check.

The network with partners all over the planet is accessible to all Lumani clients and according to their individual goals and abilities each one will reach their top level.

Career planning

This is a very serious field for Lumani. We take pride in not only finding the right steps with the client with regards to their basketball career but also in quite a few cases to support the player in finding the right form and field of education.

For sure the main intent and focus lies on the Basketball career.

A lot of players and their parents are yet to have a concrete grasp of their situation and a realistic judgement of the options and opportunities.

All the sudden the phone is ringing and everyone is in your ear- what shall we do?

Here Lumani can help with the experience, overview over the market and the necessary calm to filter and set the right priorities to make a sound decision and find the right way.

Off the court there is a lot of possibilities to build and prepare for the player’s future. From coaching kid’s teams to move into the direction to become a Coach after your playing days to doing an internship with a sponsor of the team a lot of directions are possible. This depends in large parts on the player’s wishes and ambitions.

Mens sana in corpore sano!

Legal advice

The Lumani office is integrated into the lawfirm Schmidt, Rüsing and Partner in the Salzstr. 20 in Münster, Germany. It is a very close cooperation where we handle not only the player’s contracts but also from a car accident to a divorce any legal probem that may arise. We also take care of social security benefits especially the American player can apply for in Germany.


Lumani also helps provide their clients with insurances through partners that cover disability insurance and other subjects.